What you can expect when working with me:

You can expect me to COMMUNICATE first and foremost! I work 7 days a week when I have to, I answer my phone when it rings and I ALWAYS get back to emails within 24 hours. I'm a digger, I like to find out things - even things that may not matter - because they just might down the road! I will research whatever I need to and make sure all your questions are answered. That is my goal - to have all your questions answered to the best of my ability. I want you to enjoy working with me so much so that when it comes to real estate - I am who you think of. Even if it's only a question about what a house down the street sold for or who do you call about your tax bill!! I want to be your #1 resource!!

I am honored to be an Realtor Affiliate to the Homes for Heroes program in SW Idaho. We offer significant discounts, benefits and REAL savings to a Hero when they buy or sell. This is a FREE & NATIONAL program. Does your profession or job fall into a Hero category? Military (past and present), Teachers/Education professionals, Firefighters, Medical profession and Police and law enforcement. Contact me to learn more about this program - it's based on the person, NOT the house they buy or sell.